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LUNA X120 START: 2015-10-09
Posted by admin
    Dear L2NEO players, after many suggestions from our players we decide to wipe LUNA X120 server.
    All characters will be deleted and game starts from zero. This wipe will bring important fixs and updates for server and players, all updates players will see in update list and game. It`s great chance for new players to start and for old, who got bored. We promise you a good and stable game!

GRAND OPENING: 2015-10-09 20:00 +3GMT

You have great chance be a server leader, so get ready and be the one of the first clans since first moment! Be patient and use this time to advertise server Start Date!

And much more, all updates you will see in game.


More info about Advertisement Event you can find in forum:


  • Fix: Windows 10 (Now players can join server with windows 10)
  • Decreased Summon Treasure Key hit time.
  • Fixed Summon friend bug.
  • ReFixed erase skill.
  • Restricted player level teleport to Ant Nest & Windawood.
  • Added missing messages on server side.
  • Fixed NPE during deposit on clan wh.
  • From now you can buy item for premium buffer.
  • Fixed summoners skills.
  • Fixed some errors in server side.
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